Day Dream Believer

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Describe your main style influences/ inspirations…

Although I’m studying fashion photography, I take more landscape/what I call ‘observing life’ photos – I like documentary/reportage photography. I guess I like fashion photography that doesn’t really look like fashion photography. I’m not such a big fan of staged photos. I prefer shooting on location, with natural lighting. I think you get more of a sense of life than when you’re stuck in a studio. And I love film. Always film. There’s something about it that you never get with digital images. I’m probably more influenced by early 19th century photographers than modern ones. 

I love the work of Sarah Moon. She takes the most stunning photos- grainy, blurry and evocative. Texture in photos is important I think. I hate flat, glossy pictures. I find Nacho Alegre’s diaries on his website endlessly inspiring. Tim Walker is my favourite fashion photographer for his incredible imagination and the fact that he always works on film. 

I look at fashion/photography blogs a lot and get inspired by a million pictures on those.

Why does the aesthetics of skateboarding/ grunge culture appeal to you imparticular? 

I like to see soul in things, I guess with skateboarding/grunge aesthetics you get something more real than some overly styled glamour look. I watched Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant recently. The acting annoyed me a bit, but the skateboarding scenes were gorgeous. I like the oldskool aesthetic, things that are imperfect.

And, you know, skateboarders are hot aren’t they?

Kaamilah Nahaboo 

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