Italy,Texas: Wild Souls LFW 2013

A new film for 55DSL coming soon…

Set in Italy, Texas


Screening of Italy,Texas by Aoife Mcardle in Collaboration with Vice and Fifty Five DSL for London Fashion Week 2013

Accoring to legend, Italy a small region of Texas – with less than 1, 8630 inhabitants, was given it’s name after a son granted his father’s dying wish to return to his native Italy, by naming the town after it. It’s a pretty epic location an pictures stunningly in Vice’s latest short film collaboration with Aoife Mcardle.. it features a sexy model couple dressed up like  Americana trailer – trash  (though it kind of reminds me of and extended Ralph Lauren ad) – to promote 55dsl hot new collection (coincidently the girl is also a dead ringer for Brooke Shield’s circa Blue Lagoon, with those big ol’ brows that are oh so bang on trend) The complimentary wine & popcorn… supplied by the lovely people at Vice, did not go a miss either as we viewed the screening in the luxury of Somerset House’s Cannon Cinema during LFW ’13. This innovative short viral ad campaign, also reflects just how much the fashion world is now using creative technology to make a statement, upcoming film – maker Mcardle’s got a good eye too – definitely one to look out for.

Sponsored by 55DSL clothing

Location Canon Cinema, Somerset House

Full film available to view online from the 4th March

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