The Photocopy Club and Marc Vallee Present: Xerox and Destroy

This monthly exhibition features photocopied/xerox prints from photographers around the world. The Photocopy Club are championing the cause of photographers striving to get their images off the Internet, and back in the hands of the viewing public. Photocopying is one of the cheapest ways to get photography printed, so basically they want the show to be like an interactive zine that everyone can take a page from. After the first 6 shows a book will be made featuring all the photography from the 6 exhibitions – All photocopies will be for sale for as little as £2- £5 depending on size and the money made will go towards the making of the book.

2013 Projects – For 2013 the photocopy club will be working with other collectives and curators around the country. A selection of one night exhibitions will take place through out the year supporting photographers in the area and getting their work in to gallerys – ‘DIY or DIE’.

We already got our tickets – to get your hands on a free pair click here:

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