Yahoo! Wireless ‘Festival’ Weirdness….

Result. Last month I headed to this year’s Yahoo sponsored Wireless festival at Olympic Park. First up on Friday I was greeted to the comic sound of potty mouth, jezebel Ke$ha. Praising her love of balls ‘‘all kinds o’ balls, big ones, small ones, saggy ones…all kinds’’ alongside drumrolls befitting of a Vaudeville stripper. Then her mother came on stage to join her. Sweet. United, like a simple, pop culture army, all wrong words and waving hands in the air when instructed, the crowd were a little bit cringe-but in a nice way.

Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 1

Britain’s third most popular mobile network, it’s seventh most popular website, it’s third most popular cola brand all desperately trying to hurl logos around the place. During Frank Ocean’s set the Yahoo! logo flashed up in the middle of the screen during his performance of songs from ‘Planet Orange’, as if the music was just a frustrating pop-up for the brand invasion.


The ‘Odd Future’ singer was greeted on the Pepsi Max stage to deafeningly shrill screams which refused to abide throughout the set. Yet Frank seems to take it all in his stride like a dude- grinning at the crowd and ‘crip walking’ in the breakdown of “Sweet Life” and was the sensitive sleek alternative to the mighty ‘reincarnated’ Snoop Lion playing on the main stage at an annoyingly conflicting time.


Over the weekend, more than 155,580 photos with the #Wireless tag were uploaded to Instagram. Yet as we walked around, it became clear that #Wireless went beyond mere hashtag PR, and far more a ‘festival experience’ demanded by the Joe Bloggs consumer.

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