Feminism: It Makes Sense Quotes on Tumblr

“Riot grrrl culture has been and always will be extremely useful politically for womyn and girls. In our modern American society, womyn and girls are put into this shrinking box of identity. What it means to be a womyn is constantly changing and becoming more and more restrictive. Young womyn and girls are living in communities that police them into that box. They are told to be coy and shy, to stay pure and chaste for men, and to be subservient and nurturing to men. The fierce, piercing vocals of Kathleen Hanna is exactly what they need to break that fucking box. Riot grrrl is about having a voice. It’s about being angry and pissed and fed up and not fucking apologizing for it. It’s about finding that rebel girl that will run arm-in-arm with you through tear gas. It’s about demanding your sexual pleasure from your partner. It’s about accepting all aspects of your identity. The more womyn and girls there are in the world that are willing to use their voice that has been silenced by years of old, white, male politicians and leaders, the stronger we will be in solidarity. So turn up the fucking record and scream along, because we have a voice and we’re gonna fucking use it.”

Check it out here: http://feminismitmakessense.tumblr.com/

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