RADIDAS: Vinyl Release Show 8th of July


RADIDAS – are a new experimental sitar loving psych duo heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Jaguar Ma, Nirvana and Tame Impala. They possess a certain eclectic British sense of style, incorporating waist-length hair to make Ozzy proud, Burberry thrifts, camouflage parkas and a laissez-faire attitude to match. For this reason the band (previously a three piece) are quickly garnering a collective of loyal grunge lovers in their hometown. 
Having only reformed in the last few months (after stopping to focus on uni back in 2012, and to generally be student slackers for a bit, as you do), they’ve returned in their own chilled out way more focused then ever, and they’ve already got an impressive bunch of successful gigs in Kent and New Cross under their belt supporting; Invincible Dream, Burning House, Dreamweaver, Voodoo Rays and Burroughs.
They’re currently busy promoting there vinyl release show on the 8th of July in their hometown at Rafters. Where limited editions of their début EP “Dream Button,” will be sold. Off the back of this local gig, and more performances coming up in Kent soon, they plan to officially release their single in September this year. 
Here we have a little chat with them, and discover their unexpected obsession with electronic dance music. We recommend them to lovers of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and generally far-out, stoner acid vibes, man:
You formed in Maidstone, Kent and have since become well established on the local gig scene. How did you first start out?
    –  We come up with the idea a few years ago, and originally started out writing electronic dance music, as its something we are both also into, then the idea drifted for a few years and then we jammed again with guitar and drums, and had some mad times together, and then tried to add samples and synths sounds that we made from the past along with new ideas along with what we were jamming.
You recently released your long awaited début EP “Dream Button,” anymore recordings scheduled?
– We are going to try and put a single out in September, and then maybe a new one later this year or early 2017, we have already started writing it and we think its going to be even bigger than the first. 
What was the creative process for recording these massive, chord progressive songs exactly?
The EP was recorded completely in analogue at Ranscombe Studios with Jim Riley and Brendan Esmonde.
You describe yourselves as Psych. Can you break down your style a little bit more? 
    – We don’t know if you get this a lot with bands but we find it really hard to describe our sound, we kinda leave it up to other people that write about us or come see us at our shows, its always really interesting to hear some of the words people use to describe us.
And list a few of your inspirations for your most recent track?
      – We have so many different genres of music and different bands and artists that we could list to you, from dance music, to metal, but with dream button the inspirations was really our own journeys through life, ups and downs along the way helped us create something we are really proud of, an amazing release/escape for us.
Which new bands do you like at the moment?
We recommend you check out Dreamweaver, Inevitable Daydream, Gang, Get Inuit, Fuoco. 

What’s the rest of your gig plans for the Summer? Any coming up in London? 
   – We have a vinyl release party in our hometown, at The Rafters, Maidstone, with some cool bands, and some other shows across Kent.
Catch them vinyl release show on the 8th of July hosted by Factotum Promotions at Rafters, Maidstone with Fuoco before they get big! More details here
Thanks Radidas! 

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