5 Minutes with Ivan Luke: Filmmaker of We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This


Recently screened at The Cannes Film Festival and the cult ‘Moth Club’ in Hackney back in April, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This is definitely a ‘one to watch’ for indie lovers. Best described as an absurdist comedy of understated proportions it’s filmed entirely in black and white, and produced by Worn and Torn. It is also the first short offering by filmmaker Ivan Luke.

It also has a banging sixties pop soundtrack to boot, with a knowing firm nod to the classic French New Wave cinematic auteurs of the past.  Here we catch up with it’s creator Ivan to see how the idea first started…

unnamed (1)

T&F Why did you make this film?

I.L: Just a burning desire to get something made. I had the script all written and ready to go, but Hollywood just wouldn’t listen… So I decided to make it myself with some pals and a lot of enthusiasm.

T&F What were your influences?

I.L: Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismaki are two of my favourite directors, and I think you can see their influence on this film. Roman Polanski as well, his early shorts and The Tenant in particular. I also showed cast and crew scenes from Midnight Cowboy and Marty so as to give them a better idea of some of the things I was going for.

T&F What are you working on next?

I.L: I’ve got a half hour long script ready to go next, I think my films might just keep doubling in length. It’s a Kafka-esque fantasy noir and it’s quite ambitious so I’m going to need some help from Hollywood this time. Luckily We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This has gone down quite well at Cannes and all that so I’m talking to a few moguls at the moment, but you must never hold your breath. In the meantime, I’m going to shoot a music video for Bobby Grindrod (singing sensation and one of the stars of my film) and I’m going to do some promo films for the brilliant Bee’s Sneeze fashion line. I’m also writing a feature film which I want to shoot in Northern Ireland, which is where I come from.

Thanks Ivan!

Check out this film on Cannes film listings here: http://sub.festival-cannes.fr/SfcCatalogue/MovieDetail/ca459861-88eb-41b5-9c12-7d4ccf91197d

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