Meet French 3D Illustrator, and Fine Arts Visual Artist Juliette Lavallee. She is ridiculously good at free-hand, and ever so humble about it. Juliette also happens to be quite the Twin Peaks fan – having been responsible for setting up France’s official Facebook dedicated fan-page. Enter the weird, occult world of Juliette on Tumblr now, and get lost in the eerieness.


 T&F: Main influences?

JL: Arts in general, but especially films. I watch;

David Lynch, Kubrick, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Renoir, esotherism, occult, witches, paranormal. People I meet are very important too. And I draw mainly late at night, it’s very important for my inspiration.


Follow good witch Juliette’s Tumblr scrawlings, for her lastest hocus-pocus:


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