Puppy are a trio, quietly plugging away making grungy oddball videos and music with melodic metal influences. Refreshing for a gigging East London band we think you’ll agree. Noisey already jumped on the hype, so we’ve done the same. Have a read of our chat with lead singer Jock below on their upcoming tour with Creeper and Milk Teeth…

What made you first want to form the band?

J: I think we wanted to branch out from the kind of stuff we were doing before. Billy and I (Jock) were in a pretty similar band but it was quite garage-y and lo-fi which we got a bit bored of, and Will was in a Doom/ Stoner band. Puppy tries to amalgamate a lot of the stuff we like into a fun vehicle for us to try out a bunch of different things musically. Even though we generally fall into the rock category, we feel we’ve given ourselves license not to get too bogged down with the idea of fitting into a particular genre.

How would you describe your sound?

J: Like I said before I think we’re big fans of rock and alternative guitar music in general, so I think our sound is influenced by listening to lots of different things. We often get compared to Weezer, Ghost, Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins, all of whom are bands we love so maybe we sit somewhere in between all of those guys.

Do you have many gigs coming up in 2017?

J: We’re heading out on a UK/EU tour with Creeper and Milk Teeth in March which is going to be very exciting, and other than that a few festivals over the Summer. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce them soon, but there’s some pretty cool ones in there.

Any plans for a new single?

J: We’re currently doing a lot of writing and recording, but there will certainly be new music in the next couple of months, along with some exciting announcements in general from the band.


Checkout at their rad videos below:

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