Listen: Zeltron 6 Billion

Denzel Curry has been blowing up lately, and he continues to ignite with his latest song “Zeltron 6 Billion.”

The track, dropped last Tuesday, and is the latest tight offering from Curry. Featuring production from duo Finatik N Zac, alongside rapper Lil Ugly Mane.

“Zeltron 6 Billion” is the rapper’s third release since May and he’s still only getting started. There’s an unsettling anger here a result of ‘days feeling hopeless’ on food stamps. Now he’s hungry for the respect he deserves. The song enters with a shimmy of drums while raw, fluid lyricism flows throughout.

Finatik N Zac’s pulsating bass and drums beat energy, makes it so addictive it’s an instant replayer. The duo produced songs on Curry’s project Imperial and prove their collaborations with Curry are instinctual and progressive. The steady, seventies funk nodding beat, supports Curry’s spitting chant – you can’t “f*ck” with him.

The rapper claiming he’s “still the ugliest,” “still destructive” and can “hit you with that lethal dose.”

Plug in some speakers and bump Curry’s latest cut below:

Words by Natalie Wardle

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