Listen: Nolan’s diy 14k

Nolan dropped off his self-produced “14K,’’ and It’s not too far off from what we’d expect – simple head nodder, evident lo-fi boom-bap influence. The first half of 14K may be a bit jazzier than previous (see previous releases). Opening with vulnerable lyrics is a home run. The relatable struggle of 20-something’s looking for financial security, consistency and staying true to their roots. Nolan recently sat down with HuffPost and added:

When I started working on YEN, “14K” was the first song that I made. It helped lay the foundation for the direction that I wanted to go in. After releasing my debut album last year, I’ve been blessed to be a part of things that was just a mere dream not too long ago. Because of that, my goals have become bigger. On the track, I said “I’m trying to get a Grammy to Granny before she transcends”. I wasn’t thinking like that before. It’s all about progression and going for yours. Gold is associated with the idea of high achievement. As kids, we all wanted a gold star in school. So that’s what it’s about. Executing for what you seek. I want the “gold” for not only me but my people.

It’s due out in September via Left of Center/Fat Beats (the 22nd to be exact). You have our full co-sign and stamp of approval for the record. It features guest artists – Royce Da 5’9″, Blu and Quelle Chris.

The pre-order links are below this sentence.

Written by Haru Sixx

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