Agitprop: Signs of the Times


The recent much hyped ‘Teresa May Leaving drinks,’ organised by Corbyn super-fans, descended into something quite more physical than anticipated. Photographic Journalist Make Murphy, went down to witness the scuffle first hand at Whitehall.



Outside Downing Street. A protester gets arrested after throwing beer over a policeman and generally being a dick. A moment of aggression in an otherwise peaceful 1st July demonstration against our incompetent right wing government and their shabby deal with the DUP. These types of protesters are a nuisance, with their self-righteous teeth-gnashing stupidity. The officers spent about 45 minutes wrestling this guy so that they could get him in the back of the police van without causing physical harm.


The protester was incredulous that he was being arrested – calling the police every name under the sun and accusing them of being fascists and murderers. He was about 45, so it couldn’t be put down to a moment of youthful silliness. Protest is a wonderful exercise of free expression – but deliberately riling up the police under the childish belief that they are “Theresa May’s fascist storm troopers” threatens everyone else’s safety and weakens the message.

Photos & words by Mark Murphy.

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