Björk: Releases ‘The Gate’

Björk performed the first single, titled ‘The Gate’ last weekend for London Fashion Week, from her forthcoming ninth studio album. ‘The Gate’ is available digitally via One Little Indian now, and on limited edition 12″ vinyl on September 22nd.


NOWNESS presents ‘The Gate’, an Andrew Thomas Huang, Björk, Alessandro Michele and James Merry music video.

Listen to The Gate on Nowness

Listen to the single:


the gate

my healed chestwound

transformed into a gate

where i receive love from

where i give love from

and i

care for you

i care for you

split into many parts

splattered light beams into prisms

that will reunite

if you

care for me

and then ill care for you

didnt used to be so needy

just more broken than normal

proud self sufficiency

my silhouette is oval

it is a gate

i can

care for you from

i care for you

you care for me

Listen below on Nowness:


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