Music: By the Sea #Bladejogger2049

‘The place is England: a horrible electronic slum. The time is 22 minutes and 11 seconds into the future. A new drug – SWENDAB – is doing the rounds, sending everybody round the bend – as per. And as ever, here in this ‘less-than-United-Kingdom’, the rain must fall continuously. (It’s a wonder we haven’t all rusted by now.)

Rebelling against the drudgery of his surroundings, trapped inside his own fragile psyche – with no map nor money – meet GAZ-15: ex-bouncer/ex-lover/full-time-fuck-up.

Tonight, like every other night, he will go AWOL, lost in ‘the hallways of always’ of another SWENDAB-binge, searching for a meaning he knows he will never find. All those memories leaking into the eternal drainpipe. What a monster he’s made of himself. Not quite human. Oh to be a clone of others.’

This bizarre Brave New World-esque artwork excerpt is projected from the view of GAZ-15, the protagonist from the forthcoming vinyl release BLADE JOGGER. Who is GAZ-15?  ‘He’s all of us’, says Austin Collings the man behind the lyrics:  ‘He walks amongst us.’  Elsewhere he’s also described GAZ-15 as an ‘ex-bouncer, ex-lover and full-time-fuck-up.’ It is also a ‘brave’ attempt at re-styling the soundtrack to the latest Bladerunner film.

It is a collaboration and labour of love, between loveable Mancunians Austin Collings and By the Sea, with even a handy comic book journal to boot (something for their inner geek fans to cherish forever).

bladejogger • Instagram photos and videos (1)


bladejogger • Instagram photos and videos

Liam Powers & Austin Collins taken in Manchester’s China Town, awkwardly outside a strip club by Natalie Curtis. 

Released December, you can now order here:







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