Activism: Help Save 18 Protesters in Saudi Arabia

Tomorrow Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia will be visiting the UK as part of his current charm offensive. He’s trying to convince world leaders that he’s leading reform in Saudi Arabia. We know differently.

Eighteen young men are currently facing execution in Saudi Arabia for the ‘crime’ of protesting against the government – some were arrested when they were children, all were brutally tortured.
Mohammed Bin Salman attempted to execute fourteen of them last year, but global outcry led by the petition you signed  last year helped delay their executions.
Saudi Arabia claims to be modernising, but these executions would seriously undermine any claim of reform. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is coming to London tomorrow, so I’ve signed this petition urging him to stop these executions to demonstrate he is truly the reformer he claims to be.
This petition comes from the human rights organisation Reprieve – they have successfully stopped many executions of children and protesters in Saudi Arabia before. Together, hopefully we can help them do it again.
But it was only a delay. Executions in Saudi Arabia can happen with no warning – they could still be executed at any time.
Mohammed Bin Salman cares more than most about good press and PR – by delivering the petition you signed during his visit tomorrow, we’re sure to get his attention.

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