Exclusive Interview: Grammy Winner Son Little

Son Little is the one man band/alter ego of Aaron Ear Livingston. Little is best known in America for his collaborations with the Roots and as one half of the mellow “psychedelic soul” outfit Icebird with RJD2. Made up of equal parts R&B, blues, rock, and hip-hop, Son Little is adept in all contemporary soundtracks, and gets Marvin Gaye comparisons but could just as well get Jeff Buckley or Josh Homme. He’s also signed to Epitaph Records. While it’s unlikely there’s a Deafheaven package tour in his future, he’s a solid fit with their out-of-time/timeless auteurs like Jolie Holland and Tom Waits.

Son Little’s upcoming self-titled debut full length is a potent collection of soulful new Americana. It’s personal and political, political in the “personal is political” sense (political occasionally in the “political is political” sense) and, throughout, deeply felt and lovely. The intention was that, while Livingston categorizes music he feels depending on moods and when he is most inclined to listen to it, his own album would be suitable for all occasions of the heart and mind; 24 hours music. He was kind enough to take my call while in his hotel staying at The Boltons, Kensington. Listen to us discuss Bob Marley and the rasti ethos, Trump and his new single Blue Magic released from his new album New Magic, out Sept 15.

Stream/Pre-Order at http://gotthebluemagic.com.

Mixcloud Interview: Listen here

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